Company Outline 

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LEM is produced by the unique method established by the founder of the Company,former president Chiyokichi Iizuka.
The outstanding research achieved by Iizuka brought him not only Ph.D,degree in science and agriculture but also many patents.The research on LEM has been accomplished at various unversities and corporate institutes.The results of those works have been presented and published in academic journals. LEM has been in health food market fou a lomg time,and has a good reputation among consumers to keep good health condition.


NODASHOKUKIN KOGYO has been certified with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) from the Japan Health and Nutrition Food Association (incorporated foundation).
There are three main objectives of GMP:
Prevent human error during manufacturing processes
Prevent contamination and degradation of products
Aim for homogenization of every product

We achieve the three objectives mentioned above by creating appropriate management organizations implementing operational management from the receipt of raw materials to the distribution of the final product and constructing appropriate buildings and facilities.

Management Philosophy

Respect for Life
❝Respect life❞has been our managing philosophy since the founder set thr principle.We hope that we can contribute to promote lives of all the livinf through our business,and thus to bring happiness and welfare. Living organisms on thr earth can be classified to three groups-animals,plants and microorganisms.It is thought that microorganisms provided an improved environment for animals and plants to live.Our company has conducted reserch on mushroom fungi(basidiomycetes),ones of these microorganisms.The energetic work brought us success to develop the 


major product LEM,an extract of cultured medium of Shiitake mushroom(Lentinus edodes)mycelia.The results of research showed that LEM has physiological activities,such as anti-tumor, imuno activating and anti-viral activity.That resulted in LEM to be notable in the c;inical field of cancer,viral hepatitis and AIDS.Our compny also developed registered agricultural chemicals such as anti-viral and plant growth chemicals.MAK,an extract of cultured solid medium of mannentake(Ganoderma lucidum)was successfuly developed recently.Both LEM and MAK will contribute to incresing your health.Those prodacts are evaluated its highly non-toxic nature because they are based on the substances produced by Shiitake mushroom.
  President   Hiroshi Iizuka

Trade name  Noda shokukin kogyo co.,ltd.
Head office  295 Nanakodai Noda City,Chiba-prefecture,278-0051 Japan
Factory  295 Nanakodai Noda City,Chiba-prefecture,278-0051 Japan
Laboratory  610-1 yatu Noda City,Chiba-prefecture,278-0046 Japan 
Tokyo Office  7-1 Kandamikura-cho,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo,101-0038 Japan
Phone  +81-03-5298-2771

 1969 year

Capital  99 million yen
President  Hiroshi Iizuka
Employees  57



Establishd NODA SHOKUKIN KOGYO CO.,LTD. in Shimizu Noda-City Chiba prefecture.


Succeede in extrating LEM from cultured solid of Lentinus edodes mycelia.


Manufactured and Licensd health food


Establishd laboratory in Nanakodai Noda-City Chiba Prefecture.


Confrmed anti plant virus activity of LEM.


Establishd Tokyo Office.


Anti-cancer effect of LEM reported by the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan.


Registered as an anti plant virus chemicals by MAFF.「LENTEMIN」


Registered with The Japan Society for health food.


Moved the head office to Nanakodai Noda-City.


GMP certification and acquisition.


Hiroshi Iizuka